Cleans Meridians and Lymphatics

  • Unblocking Meridians
  • Stimulates acupuncture points
  • Cleans the blood and improves metabolism

Stronger Immune System

Lymph fluid carries important immune cells to keep you protected and heal any internal damage

Fluid Balance

Congested lymphatic vessels can cause an accumulation of excess fluids & toxins, which may result in bloating or swelling under the skin

Cellular Renewal

Lymphatic pumping efficiency decreases with age and is important to maintain for proper removal of damaged cells & circulation of new, healthy cells

Improved Digestion

Normal lymphatic circulation within the gut helps maintain GI fluid balance & efficient digestion

Stress Reduction

Continuous, manual lymphatic cleansing has been found to help reduce stress and cortical arousal and promote relaxation

Efficient Metabolism

Our lymphatic system acts as our body’s sewage system; good lymph circulation can help retain vital nutrients + discard waste products