Domain names

You should use sub-directory root domain names ( engine optimization) as a substitute for sub-domains ( as this is better in your total website architecture.

You should also steer clear of hyphens ( and alternative Top-level domains (.biz .title .information) as those are considered spammy.

Having a ‘keyword rich’ area name may result in closer scrutiny from Google. According to Moz, Google has “de-prioritized sites with keyword-rich domains that aren’t otherwise high-quality. Having a keyword in your domain can still be beneficial, but it can also lead to closer scrutiny and a possible negative ranking effect from search engines—so tread carefully.”

Also, you must be sure that should you perform a website without the www. prefix, someone who sorts in will still be redirected to your site. If this isn’t going down, Google would possibly suppose these are two other sites and your visibility may well be compromised.

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