Keyword stuffing

Overusing keywords to your pages, particularly after they clearly impact the clarity of your website. It’s debatable whether Google even nonetheless uses key phrases as a score issue anymore.

Keyword stuffing is the exercise of putting a massive range of key phrases into net content and meta tags in the try to artificially boom a web page’s ranking in seek effects and power extra traffic to the web page. A key-word is a giant time period this is applicable to the content in question.

Keywords Stuffing Sample

Keyword stuffing is taken into consideration an unethical search engine optimization (search engine optimization) technique at first-rate and an assault technique at worst. The exercise is regularly used to force traffic to fraudulent or malicious web sites.

Key-word stuffing in content material is referred to as spamdexing. Key phrases may be hidden in content material via some of methods, which include matching font colour to the background, placing font length to zero or putting it in the back of an photo. Words and terms used for keyword stuffing are usually applicable while visible to the reader but when key phrases are hidden they may be often only a list of common seek terms, which include sexual terms and celeb names.


According to Google, key-word stuffing is not most effective unethical — it is also useless. Meta tags are not used to rank websites, so keywords positioned in that field are disregarded. More and more state-of-the-art algorithms help Google perceive now not just when phrases are irrelevant but additionally when they’re out of context or overused. Furthermore, if hidden text is detected in content, Google can also dispose of a website from its index in order that it would not seem in seek outcomes at all.

Google gives some advice: “Filling pages with key phrases outcomes in a terrible consumer experience, and might damage your web page’s ranking. Consciousness on developing beneficial, facts-wealthy content material that uses key phrases correctly and in context.”

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