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The true fact is that if you want happiness, you have to reach out to embrace the natural resources and allow them to guide you to happiness and healthy life. Still, if you want to live longer and healthier you will need to adapt to a new life style, which is free of drugs, chemicals, substances, particular habits and conduct, and so forth. You will need to exercise to augment metabolism, bones, joints, and muscles. And also life changing Therapy

As human beings we need spiritual food, mental, and physical foods to keep us healthier and strong. Spiritual food includes prayer, a deeper meaning of the truths from God, and ongoing cleanliness of the mind and body. The body is our temple and if we eat or drink harmful drugs or excessive alcohol, as well as engage in harmful actions we will suffer misery, poor health, and our life span will shorten, the enjoyment will end up in regrets.

Some of the things we do in life can cause us harm. If we do not achieve proper rest it can overtime cause heart problems, as well as other health conditions. The start of every health plan is eating right and getting. Living longer, healthier and happy takes effort. When you apply self to living longer, healthier and happier likely you will achieve. Still, you need goals, plans, and action to take the steps to move toward good health and proper rest.. You can plan it from now before it gets late

When you digest healthy foods with the proper vitamins and supplements you can grow to a healthier life. The problem is nowadays FDA is allowing unhealthier ingredients in our food that it is affecting millions. One of the reasons that obesity is increasing is due to agents added to meats, which cause cravings.

To help you with vitamins we can consider a few details, still you need to consider stopping and starting new health patterns to move toward healthier living.

A few other things we can consider is reading minds, rehearsing, judging, filtering, advise, daydreams, placates, sparring, derails, being right, and so forth. Most people fail to see that the way they conduct themselves could cause stress, which makes them unhappy and unhealthy

Many people avoid seriousness. When a conversation becomes serious a person might derail by laughing off the information, or else joking. While you may think this is a way to reduce stress, the fact is derailing only sets a person up for many falls to come. Sometimes you have to be serious and there is nothing wrong with it. While you may want to escape reality, the fact is one day you are going to wake and smell the hardcore facts of reality, and when it hits you in the face so hard, you will look back and wish you hadn’t spent your life derailing.

Again, many people listen to what they want to hear and ignore what they wish to avoid. When this occurs we have a filtering system, which gradually you will live a life of misery, simply because when your ship rolls in you. Overall, we need spiritual, nutrients, vitamins, exercise, and proper behaviors to live a healthy, longer, and happier lifestyle.

How bad habits affects others when we will be out in the ocean swimming without gear. Sometimes we have to face the facts. If you are drinking excessively and your friends or family tells you about, listen to what they are saying, since you are not only hurting you, you are hurting the people you love also.

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