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We all go through days when the world seems to tumble on our shoulders. At this time we may feel living healthier, longer, and happier is out of reach. Some of us deal with stress as it comes our way, while others find it hard to handle. What is the problem? Stress is a daily factor that we all must face each day. There is no way out of stress. If you learn how to minimize stressors and reduce stress it can help you live longer, healthier, and happier. One of the best ways to reduce stress is performing stretch exercises. With this in mind we can learn a few helpful tips to teach you a few stretch exercises to reduce stress. When you practice regular exercise, you are working to boost energy, sleep sounder, boost self-esteem, and so forth.

Stress reducers

Posture: The posture is important. When the posture is in good working condition you can often sit at least ten minutes without feeling uneasy. Before you start exercise you should always check your posture, which should be aligned.


Stretch exercises and meditation require proper breathing. While preparing to live longer, healthier, and happier you want to breathe naturally while performing any exercise, meditation and so forth.


Before starting exercise you may want to practice meditation. Meditation helps to clear your mind and enforce positive thinking. You will need to practice focusing your attention while performing meditation practices. Some people prefer to listen to easy sounds, while others focus better on objects. You will want to make a choice before practicing meditation.


Your attitude plays a part in living healthier, longer, and happier. When you have a positive outlook or attitude it moves you to achieve your goals and plans to live longer, healthier, and happier.

To start meditation and stretches sit in the floor. We can start with the Lotus Position, i.e. unless you have an injured back. You can still perform the meditation practice, yet you may have to sit in a different fashion. While performing the Lotus meditation practice, sit on the floor. Make sure the posture is straight. Now with open palms place your hands upright on your knees, while you lock your legs. When you first sit in the floor, make sure your legs are stretched to the front. Next, you want to bend the knee and use your hand to grasp your right foot. You want to bring the foot in toward the abdominal, by placing it upon your thigh. (Left)

Perform the same action on the right foot. (Buddha Meditation) The Lotus Position Meditation is a Buddha practice. During the process you want to, once the feet are in place, you want to make sure the knees are touching the floor, while the feet scales turn upward. Make sure posture and head is in alignment. Relax the stomach muscles. While the palms are turned upward and resting on your knees, touch the thumbs on each finger, joining them

with the pointing finger. Now you can start meditation. If you lit a candle to focus on, thus focus on the object and allow the mind to freely let go of thoughts.

NOTE: You may want to stretch a couple of times before performing Lotus Position Meditation. This will help the muscles flex with ease.

Practicing meditation will boost your awareness, as well as promote relaxation. When the mind and body relaxes, it promotes health, life span, and happiness. If you are uncomfortable with this type of Lotus Meditation, you may want to consider the Half Lotus, or the Perfect Posture positions. Mediation is a surefire way to help you live longer, happier, and healthier.

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