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We should only discussing about exercise, nutrition, vitamins, and so forth, and we can move to live healthier, happier, and longer. Still, we need to consider habits, behaviors, thinking, and conduct to live a fuller lifestyle.

Some behaviors many people conform to include placating, sparring, always right, daydreams, derailing, filters, reading minds, advice, rehearsing, judging, and so forth.

In the word we have fights, arguments, and breakups in homes, as well as bullying and disagreements in school. The problem is breakdowns in communication, denial, and inappropriate behaviors, habits, thinking, actions, and so forth.

Sometimes when couples are together for a length of time they will often create fantasies or daydream, thus drifting away from their partner. This often leads to breakdown in relationships, and it is an unfair, unjust act against another person. Sure we all daydream or skip out for a moment, yet when we take it too far and use it as an attempt to escape reality, we are only causing harm. If you want to live longer, healthier and happier you will need to adjust this form of behavior and/or habit.

Problem of unfinished story

One of the common problems we face today is people failing to hear an entire story, or else cutting people off before they have time to finish talking. Often people miss the messages in between the communication. For

instance, David abruptly cut Mary off when she was telling him about her job overload. David did not want to hear about problems, so he quickly shifted the conversation to what he did that day. This is disrespectful when all Mary needed was a bit of comfort and possible consent to allow her emotions and feelings to show.

NOTE: After interviewing scores of people, I see this is a major problem.

This problem causes deeper problems, which is seen when excessive drinking, drugs, arguments, and fights occur. Placating works in the same way, i.e. often messages in communication is missed. When a person placates they work to reduce anger, by saying things that pleases the person.

Judging others

One of the largest problems in the world is judging. Scores of people judge and rarely do they truly get to know the person they judge. For instance, a local girl, for years was condemned, called ungodly names, and about ten years down the road people watched her behaviors and deeply apologized. While damaging was done, not one person over ten years had enough sense to stop judging. Judging causes the emotions to uproar, which leads to doubt, fear, and negative energy. If you want to live a longer, healthier, and happier life, stop judging others.

Many people read minds.

That is they often put words in the mouth of others, rather than hearing what is truly said to them. For instance, Jerry told Lisa that her hair looked good. Lisa silently thought, “He doesn’t like the way I did my hair today.” When someone says your hair looks good, why would you think that the person is lying? When you think you can read peoples’ mind, you may want to get a job and go in the World’s Book of Genus.

As you can see behaviors, thinking patterns, habits, conduct, and the like needs adjusting to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. When you allow such behaviors to rule your mind, what you are doing is damning your health.

Still, you will need to exercise, eat right, and stop other habits that could lead to poor health. For instance, if you drink excessively or fail to exercise your health will gradually deteriorate which in time you will feel miserable. Exercise to live longer and healthier.

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